About ReWiring Success

What does it take to make an ordinary company extraordinary?  ReWiring Success:  Socially Responsible Strategies that Work answers this question.

This big picture strategy book will note lessons from companies who made a shift to Social Responsibility mid stream; companies that started with an ordinary product or service and, over time, decided to drive their success through socially responsible strategies.  Some companies did this in the face of a crisis.  Others, because of a deep desire to continue what they were doing and make the world a better place.  ReWiring Success explores what it takes to make this mid-course shift.

As we interview companies that chose socially responsible strategies to propel them to the next level we will post what we learn.  This is a blog for those that have undergone this transformation, are contemplating doing so, and/or are simply interested in the journey.

We hope you join us,

Julie Lineberger
Ellen Meyer Shorb

The most deeply motivated people – not to mention those who are most productive and satisfied – hitch their desires to a cause larger than themselves.  Daniel H. Pink, Drive, 2009


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